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June 16, 2005
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DeviantCopyPaste for Firefox by ayembee DeviantCopyPaste for Firefox by ayembee
:star: VERSION 2.90, 16th OCTOBER 2007 :spotlight-right: :spidey: :spidey: :spidey: :spotlight-left:

firefox extension for deviantart: perfect for journals, thumbshare channel, etc...
right-click on a print, thumb, avatar icon, or faq page and the extension will determine the appropriate copy code for pasting into comments, journals, the dAmn thumbshare channel, etc. works on full views and deviation thumbnails of all sizes. click on "DeviantCopy" in the contextmenu and the displayed code is copied to the clipboard and the DeviantCopyPaste sidebar -- or you can even use drag & drop to/from the sidebar!

new features in v2.90 :new: :new: :new:
:bulletgreen: user-configurable multi-column DeviantPaste menus!! the preferences panel allows the row/column size to be configured on a per-copytype basis... :D
:bulletgreen: can now handle almost all DeviantIDs too; added heuristics to find title & author name when not directly connected to the image
:bulletgreen: raised number of stored items to 30. (fast & lightweight "infinite" item storage is planned for version 3.0, using completely rewritten code)
:bulletgreen: new preview image above, showing off some of the new features...
:bulletpurple: seamonkey/mozilla compatibility temporarily revoked - will be restored very shortly when i work out what the problem is!

new features in v2.75
:bulletpurple: fixed all known deviation-detection issues resulting from DA site changes
:bulletgreen: DeviantPaste contextmenu thumbnail images are back!
:bulletgreen: extended copy detail detection on shop pages
:bulletgreen: extended drag-and-drop-to-sidebar support
:bulletgreen: enhanced sidebar views; "small" has become "list" and is noticeably more compact. "medium" has become "thumbs", and "large" is now "maximum"
:bulletgreen: minor UI tweak for sidebar context menu

new features in v2.49
:bulletpurple: fix medium-size thumbnails from new image servers in the sidebar
:bulletpurple: shop compatibility reinstated
:bulletgreen: known issues: small thumbnails in contextmenu and sidebar, certain images not getting correct author information, a few other small bugs... please report any others you find!

new features in v2.48
:bulletpurple: many image paths/properties have been changing over the last two weeks or so on DA, and DeviantCopyPaste got a bit left behind as i was on holiday; this release fixes a decent number of the major issues, but more fixes will follow shortly!! please submit specific bug reports, it will make my life a bit easier. (my thanks to those of you who have already done so!) ;p

new features in v2.31
:bulletpurple: fixed - updated all of the the FAQ copying/detection code to handle the new help page style. (was having issues detecting the FAQ title and could display the wrong code in certain circumstances)

new features in v2.30
:bulletgreen: further improved thumbnail title/author detection heuristics for gallery thumbnails!
:bulletgreen: major reworking of internal preferences code and the preferences dialog
:bulletblue: dropped support for netscape 7/8 and mozilla 1.7
:bulletblue: added support for seamonkey 1.1

new features in v2.21
:bulletgreen: undo the previous update to keyboard shortcuts to exclude CTRL+SHIFT 0-9; seems these are already FF2 shortcuts for jumping directly to the tab at that index

new features in v2.20
:bulletgreen: added preferences button to the lower-left of the sidebar
:bulletgreen: medium sidebar view now includes "open in current tab" as well as "open in new tab"
:bulletgreen: extended the range of available keyboard shortcuts to include CTRL+SHIFT 0-9

new features in v2.10
:bulletgreen: enhanced heuristics to handle more DA shop/print thumbs. almost all print copies will now retain author and title information, instead of returning 'Unknown author/title'
:bulletgreen: CTRL+SHIFT+DeviantCopy will copy an html link that can be used anywhere, instead of a deviantart-specific copycode. the copied item will still be added to the history as normal
:bulletgreen: added "Open in Current Tab" option to the history item context menu
:bulletblue: extra consistency checking that can detect and clean corrupted history entries

new features in v2.0
:bulletgreen: major improvements to all aspects of the extension!
:bulletgreen: drag and drop anything with a copycode into the new sidebar!
:bulletgreen: drag and drop copycodes from the sidebar into textfields!
:bulletgreen: keyboard shortcut to toggle show/hide the sidebar
:bulletgreen: able to read more codes in more places with DA version5
:bulletgreen: major rewrites using XBL for increased speed/compatibility
:bulletgreen: more options available via right-click on a copyhistory item
:bulletgreen: option to remove prefs/copyhistory when uninstall detected
:bulletblue: the copyhistory manager is finally now available to mozilla/seamonkey and netscape users! (seamonkey users also have access to the sidebar if xSidebar is installed)

:bulletgreen: left-click on a DeviantPaste entry pastes the copycode
:bulletgreen: middle-click pastes the code without closing the submenu
:bulletgreen: right-click takes you to the appropriate user or deviation page!

:star: FEATURES :party:
instant right-click access to deviant copy codes
. thumbs - right click on thumbnail images
. prints - right click on prints & shop items
. users - right click on linked usernames
. icons - right click on avatar icons
. faqs - right click on FAQ pages
copycodes are saved automatically for later pasting!
it's as easy as that!

you may be wondering how people are able to put thumbnails and their friends' avatars in their journals/articles/thumbshare forum, etc. the answer is that you can use special codes that DA understands, which get replaced with the real thing when you post. for thumbnails the code looks like (without the spaces) : thumb123456 : where the 123456 represents your deviation's unique number. for example, this deviation's number is 19513223. for avatar icons, the code looks like : iconayembee : ... similarly there are shop/print, and faq codes. see these FAQ entries for more --

FAQ #511: How do I post thumbnails of my art on dAMN?
FAQ #273: Can I add a print thumbnails to my journal?
FAQ #80: Can I add thumbnails to my journal?
FAQ #81: How can I make links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

a few people have had issues downloading extensions from DA, so here are some clear pointers. when you click "download to desktop", you should be asked if you want to save the file "deviantcopypaste.xpi". if this doesn't happen, you can also right click on the download link and choose to "Save Target As". save the file as "deviantcopypaste.xpi". once downloaded, open the file in firefox (File / Open File), and it will then install itself - restart firefox and you're done! (also, if all else fails, dragging and dropping the downloaded file onto the firefox application -having freshly opened it- seems to be a reliable method under microsoft windows)

compatibility extended to all of the following browsers!
:bulletgreen: firefox 1.5, 2.0
:bulletgreen: mozilla 1.8 beta
:bulletgreen: seamonkey 1.0, 1.1
:bulletgreen: flock 0.7+

feedback & feature requests appreciated!
if you like it, have a browse round my gallery and leave a comment!

you might also like to take a look at my other firefox extensions:
[link] DeviantEmoteBar v1.26
[link] DeviantLink v2.87

~ayembee :painter:

:earth: PLANNED FOR v3.00+
. complete rewrite of the storage engine so that hundreds or even thousands of items can be saved and searched, and the speed of load/save is significantly increased (have already worked out the details, just need some time to implement)
:earth: PLANNED FOR v3.10+
. a new "Advanced DeviantPaste" menuentry, allowing use of paste templates
. release of translation files for anyone interested in translating!!
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Given 2008-05-20
DeviantCopyPaste for Firefox by ~ayembee is absolutely fantastic, extremely useful for writing journals and news articles with features, as well as various other things, and I'm not sure how I ever managed without it! ( Suggested by Tepara and Featured by DCZed )
lightpurge Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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caramac1 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
please update i really miss having this........:)
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An update is highly needed, its an excellent script!
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update pls :(
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Not compatible with Firefox 3.5! :(
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Update pleease D:
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update update update!!! :pray:
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:nod: I agree
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doesnt work with my version of firefox anymore :( :( i really loved this app and i cant use it anymore.
phillipwnd Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww I upgraded to FF3 and realized one of my most favorite add-ons wasn't compatible. :( Will there be FF3 support anytime soon? Or can I actually just install this again and have it work?
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